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Whether it is April 15th and time to file your tax return or summertime and you're off on vacation, there are always questions about your taxes and how best to take advantage of the many opportunities presented by our tax laws to lessen your tax liability. This is especially true if you are a small business owner but there are opportunities for individuals as well.

A relative liked to say that he wished he paid a million dollars a year in income taxes because if he did he would have to be making a fortune in earnings! You have to admire his attitude and while his statement is true, his fortune would be even greater if he could cut that million dollar tax liability in half with good planning. Don't give the government more than they require of you!

Many people are reluctant to go to a CPA for help in accounting or tax matters because they believe it will be an intimidating and expensive experience. We are not your typical CPA firm.  Our practice is very personal. We keep our practice small and like to get to know our clients. Because we work from home, our overhead costs are low and so are our fees.

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